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Major Achievements

Achievements: List

Youth Olympic Games

Youth Equestrian Games 2022

Participated in the YEG held in Aachen, Germany in 2022 among 30 athletes from across the world. I represented Palestine. Won 4th place in the team competition.

11-13 Nov 2021

FEI World Challenge 2021 - Qualifier to Youth Olympic Equestrian Games

Won first place in the FEI World Challenge held in Abu Dhabi In November 2021. Qualified Palestine for the first time to this prestigious event.

2-4 February 2023

2023 FEI Nations Cup (Young Riders)

Winning third place in the FEI Nations Cup with Team Palestine.

12 February 2023

Arab League Championship - Group VII Finals

Winning third Place in the Young Riders Category (four rounds held over three days)

16-18 April 2022

UAE Longines Final 2022

Won first place in the UAE Longines Final Championship held in Sharjah in April 2022 (Juniors Section) competing at 135cm over three rounds


UAE Longines League 21/22

Won third place in the 21/22 UAE Longines League held from Oct 2021 to April 2022

9-12 February 2022

Group IIV- Arab League Championship

Won 3rd Place representing Palestine in the Group VII Finals (Juniors) held in Sharjah in February 2022 competing against riders who qualified from other countries within Arab League/ Group IIV

3-6 February 2022

2022 Nations Cup

Won 2nd place with Team Palestine (Juniors) in the Nations Cup that was held in Sharjah in February 2022

18 April 2022

UAE Challenge Cup Final

Won fifth place in the UAE Challenge Cup Final. My first competition among around 50 senior riders.

First Place in CSIYA-A 130

4 November 2022

Winning First Place in my first international competition in the Young Rider category

14 January 2023

CSI2* Grand Prix (145cm) - Abu Dhabi

Placed 13th in my first Grand Prix at this level among 50 top national and international athletes who qualified to the competion.

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17 February 2023

CSI2* - Sharjah

Placed fifth in the qualifier to the Grand Prix event and shared the award ceremony with one of the best riders, David Will who won the class.

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26 February 2023

CSI2* - Dubai

Placed 10th in the Grand Prix (145cm)

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30 Aug- 3 Sept 2023

CSI2* Ising Chiemsee, Germany

Won third place in 140cm class among 68 riders


6 Jan 2024

CSI2* Dubai 

Placed fifth in the Grand Prix (145cm)


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